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From the President’s Desk – 30th May


Members must be aware that the Road Transport Council Inspectors are currently conducting road blocks in and around Lae, to check on vehicle registrations, licences and the roadworthiness of the vehicles etc.

The LCCI commends the RTC for conducting this exercise, as we all sick and tired of seeing far too many vehicles on the road that should not be there. What I am referring to are those vehicles especially PMV buses that are “crabbing” along the road, have mufflers or fenders hanging off or billow out clouds of smoke that sends you into a coughing fit. You know the ones! We encourage the Inspectors taking appropriate action against these vehicles. However as always with these road blocks, innocent parties will get caught up as well.

The trouble is that as always in these exercises there are those overzealous Inspectors, who go beyond their powers. Hence we have seen recently licences confiscated and held until fines for un-roadworthiness of vehicles are paid. Also requests for 3rd party insurance papers or trailer registrations etc. to be shown.

Hence you are reminded to ensure that your driving licences, motor vehicle registrations and road worthiness certificates are up to date. Although the 3rd party insurance is a pre-requisite for registration of vehicles, it might be wise to put a copy in your glove box to present just in case it is demanded, especially if the vehicle is driven by a company driver (just to save unnecessary arguments).

The confiscation of licences is illegal. If the Inspectors do actually take your driver’s licence and then ask the driver to drive on, they are compounding that illegality. Tell them that they are not permitted to confiscate a driver’s licence.

If this happens to you or indeed if you have any concerns or queries at all on the operation please contact the Officer in Charge of the Road Safety Council operation Lucas Kintau on 70828207. The RSC is based on the 1st floor of the Lae Post office. More Road Safety numbers are : Land Line – 4728233; or following mobile phones 76257700; 76257625; or 76257606.


Criminals in the 2 to 5 mile area have stepped up their vehicle hold ups again. An armed, aggressive and ruthless gang has been holding up and stealing vehicles in this area again – targeting utility or small truck like vehicles that have stopped to pick up workers etc. Therefore we request that you be on your guard when traveling through this area. Keep all doors of vehicles locked and windows wound up and don’t stop for anything unless absolutely necessary. Be wary of any group on the side of the road no matter how innocent they look. The Police are aware of the problem but they cannot be at all places at all times. So it falls back to the safety steps that each and every one traveling along this section of the Highlands Highway takes.