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Institute of World Business Law to hold its annual training on International Contracts

Sloppy drafting technique and international ignorance can often lead to fatal mistakes when drafting international contracts. The ICC Institute of World Business Law’s annual training on international contracts, taking place from 23-26 June in Paris, offers essential guidance to help legal and business professionals avoid errors commonly made in the drafting process.

Entitled “International Contracts: Negotiating and drafting key clauses, dispute resolution, different cultural and legal approaches,” the three-and-a-half-day training will focus on the skills of negotiating and drafting a contract of quality as well “post-contract” management and how to choose the appropriate approach for conflict resolution.

Learning outcomes of the training include acquiring the skills to negotiate and draft a contract, strategies for successful negotiation, effective use of ICC model clauses and the best techniques on how to both avoid and resolve disputes. Participants will also learn to understand the importance of cultural and legal differences to avoid misunderstandings in an international context.

“Producing quality contracts that preserve the long-term relationship of parties is a skill to be learned,” said David Brown, Partner, Clyde & Co. (Paris) and Council Member of the ICC Institute of World Business Law. “This training programme has been put together for the benefit of legal directors and corporate counsel from companies involved in international trade as well as practising lawyers, legal practitioners and other business people involved in international trade and dispute resolution, and we are confident that it will contribute significantly to that process.”

Basing studies on a mock case, the training will focus on the main problems that arise in international contracts. To ensure interactive discussions, participants will train in small working groups, limited to approximately 10 participants.

Alessio Santoriello, a former training participant and legal counsel at IMA Industria Macchine Automatiche (Italy) said: “You will be trained by the best professionals and practitioners in the field of international contracts. Being in a class composed of people representing worldwide countries is priceless, both from a professional and personal point of view.”

The training is held in English and French with simultaneous interpretation and participants can earn up 24 CLE credits and 21 CPD hours.

ICC would like to thank Wolters Kluwer for kindly sponsoring the training. Some sponsorship opportunities for this event remain.

For further information, please contact: ICC will also offer a follow-up session, “Advanced International Contracts Training”, on 17-20 November 2014 in Paris. For more information and to register visit ICC Training & Events –

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Marketing and Advertising
The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) is uniquely positioned to provide insightful guidance on marketing and advertising around the globe. As the world business organization, whose membership is composed of thousands of enterprises from all sectors and geographical regions, ICC continues to be a key player in the ever-changing landscape of modern marketing and advertising.

The ICC Commission on Marketing and Advertising’s main advocacy focus is on promoting effective self-regulation that is harmonized to best practice around the world. Effective self-regulation builds trust with consumers by ensuring advertising that is honest, legal, decent and truthful, and providing quick and easy redress when transgressions occur. The Consolidated ICC Code forms an integral aspect of this work and has served as the foundation for the national and sectoral codes of most self-regulatory systems existing today.

Self-regulatory systems with rules based on the ICC Code are operating in over 35 countries, across 6 continents, spanning Canada, Mexico, most of Europe,, Brazil, India and South Africa. Also, the ICC Code is being used to develop rules and new self-regulatory systems in a half dozen other countries including China, Serbia, Croatia and the Ukraine. In addition to the common foundation they provide, the value of the ICC codes is in their ability to apply flexibly to local law and culture while being regularly updated and adapted to address new practice and technology developments.

Chaired by Brent Sanders of Microsoft, the ICC Commission on Marketing and Advertising produces the codes with wide consultation among industry representatives and experts within ICC membership and beyond it to ensure widespread support and consensus. Read more about the effectiveness of self-regulation in marketing and advertising – See more at: