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Lae Roads Update – 16th May


PAPINDO HQ TO SVS ROUNDABOUT – For the TMP for the next roadworks on Aircorps Road, click here.


  • Jawani Street: Pavement Concrete work started this week and continues for next couple of weeeks. Continues on Pavement preparation, Kerbing and line drain work.
  • Cassowary Rd: Balance work of Line Drain, Kerbing Pavement Preparation Continues and expected to complete by next week end to start Pavement Concrete of last section on Cassowary Road. Pavement Concrete Continues for next few weeks. Hawk Street is opened on last Saturday (10th May). Cleaning & Line Marking work in Progress Section between Hawk St and Sandpipers Rd on Cassowary and expected to open soon.
  • Mangola Street: Pavement Concrete work (Few Slabs left for Pouring) continues in 1st Section opposite to PNG Ports and expected to complete by next week. Concrete work continues on 2nd Section (Opp to Brian Bell) and shall be completed by next week. TMP has been submitted to close the next Section-3 – On Rabtrad side( One Side only). This section is which Mangola intersects Malaita – Montoro St The work will commence from 17th May.
  • Boundary Road: Survey Work, Clearing and Grubbing Work in Progress. Line Drain & Culvert works started and Continues for next few weeks.
  • Kwila Rd Area: Soil Stabilization work on Cedar, Hibiscus, Oleander. Line marking rescheduled to start next week. Asphalt work on joining the intersections. Cleaning of Line Drain at blocked sections.
  • Butibam Rd: Line Marking completed between Markham Rd and Voco Point and Opened for the Traffic. Section between Able Computing and Nestle is closed for Pavement Preparation and Tree Cutting for next couple of weeks. Section between Voco Point and Able Computing is remains closed for next few weeks and work in progress. TMP has been submitted already for the section between Able Computing and Nestle Junction on the Traffic Diversion and Detour. All the two-way traffic on Butibam Rd from Chaina Town Rounabout shall be detoured on UMW back road and Joins at Voco Point Junction.
  • Milford Heaven Rd: Continues the Pavement Concrete Work, Soil Stabilization Work and Kerbing.

The section of road from Lae to Nadzab has been under the Highlands Highway Long Term Maintenance contract executed by Shorncliffe (AusAID funded) for the past few years. However the section was relinquished from Shorncliffe to pave way for the 4 Lane construction which was intended to commence in August of 2013. Work on this contract has not yet commenced and as a result Department of Works has since tendered a total of 12 proforma contracts for routine maintenance and rehabilitation of the section from Nadzab to Lae. Negotiations are currently taking place in POM DoW HQ to acquire further funds for continuation of this maintenance.

You will be aware that the Highway has deteriorated so badly that driving has become downright dangerous. This morning’s death by a hit and run driver at nine mile was most likely caused by avoiding potholes and the situation will only get worse. In the mean time we urge all to drivers to be extra cautious whilst driving along the whole of the road to Nadzab. We have had reports of vehicles being nearly run off the road by vehicles avoiding the chasm like potholes. All drivers must slow down so as to negotiate the bad sections without causing risk to other vehicles – PMV drivers are again some of the worst reported offenders; these drivers must realise the lives of the people on their buses as well as other vehicles are at risk .

As long as this ad hoc funding arrangement is in place, the maintenance on the road to Nadzab will continue to be a problem. Now the wet season is upon us, we are likely to see a worsening situation fairly soon. The LCCI is in communication almost daily with the Government agencies responsible for this road, to see a better solution can be found until the new road is finished.