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From the President’s Desk – 20th June


We are looking forward to receiving an application for membership from the National Airports Corporation (NAC) to join the Lae Chamber of Commerce. We believe this will improve the two ways communication between our organizations, and this will be beneficial to the development taking place at Nadzab.

Two weeks ago I reported a successful discussion with Mr Joe Tupiri the NAC Managing Director who is happy to partner the LCCI to push the runway rehabilitation which has been described as being of critical importance. We are in the last stages of preparing a survey to gauge the member’s views on this, and we hope to have this out next week.

Today I met with Richard Yapo the General Manager of NAC Commercial Operations, who advised of some of the plans for commercial developments at Nadzab. See the newsletter for a diagram of the developments that NAC wish to push for at Nadzab.

NAC wish to call for expressions of interest to develop the following blocks first:

Block 7. Sheds and Warehouses for airport and trucking related business;

Blocck 8. Truck parking bays, with a refreshment shop; and

Block 20. Service Station.

NAC are also looking to make available one of the other blocks for a “Bed and Breakfast” type operation and a safe parking facility.

If anyone is interested, please contact Richard Yapo at or on 76828262 or 70316385. If of course you are interested in developing one of the other blocks, then discuss this with Mr. Yapo.

Minimum Wages Board

You will have seen the following article on page 6 of the Post Courier yesterday, which quoted the Prime Minister as saying that Cabinet has approved the Minimum Wage, which amongst other changes increases the hourly wage from K2.29 to K3.20 per hour.

Minimum wages

This article may be a bit premature and was most likely made by the PM to show the Government is doing something positive and deflect some of the Political heat that he is under at the moment. Whilst it is common knowledge that the wages will increase substantively there is a process that has to be complied with before the wages are official.

Florence Willy the Executive Director of the Employers Federation of PNG sent the following circular to her members yesterday, which explains the process:

“The Federation has not been formally informed of the Government’s decision nor have we been able to confirm this announcement.

“The process for the approval of a new Minimum Wage is that the Government, through the National Executive Council, considers the Determination and either accepts or rejects it. If accepted the Determination then goes to the Industrial Registrar’s Office for registration and subsequent gazettal. Only then can the Federation advise and or inform you of the start date of the Determination, its enforcement etc.

“The Federation at this time is checking with sources at Prime Minister’s Office and the Labour Department to ascertain the validity of this article.”

The President and CEO of the PNGCCI are in discussion with the Employers Federation and the Minimum Wages Board currently over this issue and we will keep you posted of any respective update.


As advised by notice to members this week, the Lae Central area suffered an extended blackout on early Thursday morning until after noon, due to a vehicle ramming into a power pole near the Morobe Provincial Government Tutumang building. PNG Power finally restored the power with much effort and much unnecessary expense.

PPL has requested that the public be aware that any reckless damage to power poles will result charges being laid and the cost of the repairs recovered from the driver responsible.

PPL wish to further advise that all drivers must take extreme care when driving to avoid damaging power poles – this is not only to safeguard against damage and power disruptions, but also for the drivers own life.


Power plan for disruptions as follows, for our team to carry out routine maintenance works

Tuesday 24th June – Areas affected -East Taraka , Unitech housing, Igam Barracks Bumayong and Tent City.

Friday 27th June Areas affected – Malahang industrial Centre, Balob Teachers College, China town areas, Barlow Industries, Nestle Factory, Paradise foods, Sipaia Village, Bowali and Martin Luther Seminary and Paradise Bakery compound.

Sat & Sunday 28th-29th Areas affected – Okuk Highway -6 mile to Muya village Nadzab to Mutzing station


Following our notice on the low water pressure during the week, the Water PNG Lae Manager sent a message to affirm that due to an electricity surge (overload), 3 bore pumps have been down since Wednesday. This means that there are now only 3 pumps running.

Water PNG is currently working to have new spares come in this weekend from overseas. Our technical team are in contact with both PPL and supplier/contractors to slot in one bore pump tomorrow (Saturday), which should stabilize the supply. Water PNG anticipate full restoration of services by Monday.