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President’s Desk – 6th June


Are you going on a trip to Port Moresby? Then take care if you take a taxi! The Road Safety Inspectors are conducting road safety Inspections in Port Moresby at the moment as they are indeed doing in Lae.

There are random road blocks throughout Port Moresby checking vehicles. One of the groups they are targeting is the illegal taxi operators. More than one Lae traveller has been in a taxi, only to be dropped off prematurely as the driver has turned around to avoid a road block – and yes he was operating an illegal taxi.

It has come to light that a scam is operating involving some hotel staff, which could put you at risk. If you require a Taxi then this can be organised by most hotels, as most of the larger hotels have an arrangement with one of the legitimate taxi services – Comfort, Scarlet Taxis etc.

However as all the respectable taxis are particularly busy at the moment, if the booked service does not come in time, the hotel staff may arrange to get a taxi off the street for you, particularly if you say you are in a hurry! Some of these taxis are operated by the staff’s own relatives and some are illegal taxis.

These taxis may not be registered and hence you will have no protection if there is an accident or if you are not taken to your chosen destination and robbed. This scam has come to light again because of the road blocks, when passengers have been off-loaded. If you are in this situation, check the number plates for the “T” plate, and the registration sticker.

If in doubt we advise NOT TO TAKE THE CAB no matter how much of a hurry you are in.

1. COLORPAK LTD NOTICE – To all our valued customers and suppliers:

As a result of a fire on our premises on the 17th May, Colorpak Ltd’s Lae branch will be working on a limited basis whilst we re-establish full operations. We will continue to supply most products in the interim and will be contacting our customers to work with them over the coming weeks to minimise disruption to your business.

All pending Purchase Orders placed with us prior to the fire will need to be re-confirmed with the Colorpak team. In this regard, please contact the relevant Colorpak personnel as a matter of urgency if you have not already been contacted by us.

Key contact details are as follows: Sales Team – Jerry Wanahau 71127905; Terry Jerry 71412348; Steve Gauthier 7097 4846 Administration – 775 16000; 73954743 – Email:

To assist us with ensuring our records are up to date we would appreciate it if you could have your accounts teams forward current statements and invoices to the above e-mail address or alternatively contact our Administration Team on the above number.


Following Colorpak’s notice regarding their recent fire, we again run an advisory message from Niugini Electrical on steps that should be taken to safeguard your property against Fires.

The above story stems from the most recent large fire in the Colorpak factory. The Colorpak fire, is the last of a spate of major fires in Lae. The forensic investigators revealed that this fire most likely started from a fluorescent light fitting, that burnt out and set fire to the highly inflammable plastic materials in the factory.

Whilst we publish this precautionary note from NG Electrical, most electrical companies have equipment that can detect potential fire hot spots and hazards. A few Kina investing in a study of your premises now may save you all the agony and heartache of a destructive fire destroying your property.

Even if the investigation reveals that your premises are secure, it is well worth the peace of mind of knowing this.