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From the President’s Desk – 12th September

Telephones to LCCI Office

You are probably wondering why you have not been able to contact to the LCCI Office by Phone.

Last week when the phone lines in our vicinity were down, we diverted our main number 472 2340 to a CitiPhone hand held, which allowed people to contact us. However when the lines were fixed early this week, this number was reconnected – but not to our office.

There have always been 2 lines into our office with 472 6450 being a silent number. Now that we are having problems with the 472 2340 number, you can ring us on this alternate number – 472 6450.


The Lae Chamber of Commerce wishes the nation and the people of PNG a Happy 39th Independence Day on Tuesday 16th September 2014. The Lae City Independence Committee will once again be putting on an official ceremony at the Sir Ignatius Kilage Stadium on 16th.

The programme is:

6 AM                         Flag Raising Ceremony at the Stadium

7 AM                         Official Parade – Assemble at the Rugby League Oval

8 AM                         Events at Stadium – School Children, Disciplined Forces assemble at main arena

Arrival of Dignitaries and Guests

Guard of Honour Mounts

Parade Host

Guest of Honour – Hon. Kelly Naru Governor of Morobe

9.30 AM                 Official Programme Commences

1 Minute Silence, Prayer of Dedication, National Anthem, National Pledge

10 AM                      Official Speeches – Lord Mayor Koim Trilu Leahy; Lae MP Hon. Loujaya Kouza; Morobe Governor

1.30 to 3 PM       Traditional Singsings

4.30 PM                 Lowering National Flag Ceremony

7 PM                         Fireworks Display on Mt. Lunaman

We advise all members that everyone is most welcome to attend the ceremony – all or part thereof.


The Lae Chamber of Commerce was operating very strongly in 1975, on Independence. The monthly meetings were held in very much the same format as today, except the chamber had no meeting enue but would share the gatherings at different member’s conference rooms.

The meeting of September 1975 was held at the Hastings Deering Conference Room and in attendance were:

Tom Leahy; John Cruikshank; W. Ridgeway; P. Serafini; J. Anderson; S. Morrison; R (Bob) Horley; Kerry King with P.J. Lamble as Secretary. Apologies were H. Neal; Nigel Porteous; P. Woodrow; L. May and R. Vansleeve.

In attendance were Harry Pelgen and R. Meyer. Matters discussed:

INDEPENDENCE CELEBRATIONS – A target fund of K2,000 had been set and K2,500 was received, with interest shown by 61 members. It was decided that the K2,500 would be sufficient to stage the celebrations.

MEETING OF ASSOCIATED CHAMBERS OF COMMERCE – The LCCI was the main voice in establishing a central Chamber called at this stage the Associated Chambers of Commerce, which was eventually created in 1978 (based initially in Lae) as the PNGCCI. Support in 1975 came from Port Moresby, Mt. Hagen, Goroka and Rabaul Chambers of Commerce and of course the Lae Chamber of Commerce.

DISCUSSION ON CITIZENSHIP – Failing to secure Sir. Albert Maori Kiki to address the Chamber on this topic, the Minister for Transport MP Bruce Jephcott had agreed visit.

LAE ROADS – The Lae City Council was negotiating to take over the responsibility for maintaining the City Roads from the (then) Department of Public Works.

PNG COMMISSIONER IN INDONESIA – The President met with the PNG Commissioner for Indonesia Mr. Kumaina on trade prospects with Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.

OTHER ISSUES DISCUSSED – PNG Travel Association, Lae City Council and Footpaths.


A member has come up with a very good suggestion, which is endorsed by the LCCI.

Therefore we suggest to businesses in Lae to have a look at the Wikipedia entry on Lae at  At the moment the article contains a lot of very valuable historical features but is lacking in a lot of detail especially relating to the Private Sector and the role that it played in the development of Lae.

We would encourage any member to contribute to this encyclopaedia with any worthwhile article by clicking on the Edit button (preferably using a Wikipedia login. By this means, the entry on Lae would become a very valuable reference point for reports and background purposes.

To do this editing you would need to go to the “Economy” section, click EDIT and type.