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Updates from Lae Police

Articles provided by Bustin Anzu the Police Media Officer

Police cell system launched

LAE police has launched its new cell management system this week.

The launching of the computerised cell management system will replace the old manual system, which has been cheated and abused by police for so long.

Lae Metropolitan Commander Chief Superintendent Iven Lakatani said this is the very first of its kind that they were so fortunate to use such a modern technology to look after detainees in the police cell.

“We are so fortunate to have a computerised cell management system in Lae and rest of the cells in the country. It was designed by the University of Technology, through the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science department.

“This method will help police to control and manage the cell processing methods properly,” he said during the launching.

He said with the manual system, there were many snake bails and release of detainees without a single trace of those offenders and it was very difficult to monitor. But the new system will truly and thoroughly serve its purpose of managing the cells at Lae Central Police Station.

Papua New Guinea – Australia Policing Partnership Assistant Commissioner Allan Scott said it is a new wonderful innovation of custody management and it is quite extra ordinary in the development of custody management with integrity.

“This is a significant step in the right direction to instil some integrity in the business of policing. Integrity is one of the great work of police to reflect the kind of work they do. Without integrity, it is not much of policing services,” he said.

Senior instructor with the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science Department Nicholas Puy said the data of cell management is to collect all the data of the detainees in the cell and be managed and monitored.

He said the department was approached by the Lae-based Australia Federal Police in March, who wanted to have an electronic database system of the Lae Central Police cell to manage the cells.

He said this information will give the police much information of a particular detainee, including court details and results.

University of Technology’s Vice Pro Chancellor (administration) Dr Kaul Gena said it was part of Unitech’s community service and can be roll-out to other centres via a memorandum of understanding between the police and Unitech.

Security provided well during 2014 Grand Final in Lae

POLICE in Lae has provided one of the best securities for the 2014 Digicel Cup Grand Final at the Lae rugby league oval over the weekend.

Police personnel in Lae city, with a composite unit from Ramu police station, 2 sections from Mobile Squad 15 from Bulolo and a private security firm in Lae got up early as 6am and took post at the league venue.

Superintendent of operations in Lae city Chief Inspector Thomas Pomoso said police were as early at 6am to take posts at the venue and stayed till after the completion of the game and commended them.

“I thanked all our members for a marvellous job in providing the security for the games. There were no incidences and I commend everyone,” he said.

After much speculation in the media over security concerns by the National Rugby League officials, police have proved them that security concerns was no longer an issue.

Lae police boss, chief superintendent Iven Lakatani also said: The highly visible police operations, drawn from the city, deterred anti- social behaviours from the large crowd, both inside and outside the stadium. I applaud the community for their peaceful involvement in the Digicel Cup grand final.”

AFP team leader Detective Peter Murphy, whose officers supported the police operations, also praised the local police for a successful operation which demonstrates the Metropolitan Command’s ability to provide a safe and secure environment for a major sporting or cultural event.

Deputy Chairman of the PNGRFC Sandis Tsaka also commended the security officials for a outstanding piece of job in providing the security which the mothers and children also turn out in numbers to watch the grand final.

AFP presents photocopy to Lae police

LAE police were the recipient of two new photocopy machines from the Australia Federal Police, through the Papua New Guinea – Australia police partnership program (PNG-APP) this week.

A small but significant gathering at the Central Police Station saw the handover of these two machines, worth K33, 000 to the police. These items were purchased from Remington Technologies here in Lae

Team leader of the Lae-based AFP officers, Detective Inspector Peter Murphy said they have identified some areas of concern and assist with photocopy machines.

“One of these machines will go to the prosecutions and the one to the criminal investigation sections, which will assist them with their court requirements,” he said.

Metropolitan Commander Chief Superintendent Iven Lakatani thanked his counterparts for those two machines. These will relieve his staff to do court documents for those two sections.

He said preparing court documents is a daunting task and these machines will help them a lot and acknowledged AFPs for the kind gesture.

“These machines will replace the old machine which is too costly to repair and this will now ease the burden of photocopying. And I want to thank the AFPs, through the auspices of PNG-APP for sponsoring those two machines,” he said.

Murphy said the work of AFP is behind the scene and in events like this, that the partnership is displayed for public benefit.

He said there are six AFP officers attach to the Lae command have contributed to the police station front office, custody procedures, vehicle and foot patrol, management of exhibits and greater examination of briefs and evidence.

He also said the PNG-APP program was established in 2008 and expanded in 2013, following an agreement between Prime Minister Peter O’Neill and former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd.